Tips for surviving the regime: respect yourself and speak for others.

Personal involvement is important because the problem confronting today’s society is that we have accepted what is taking place as status quo, rather than to question it and to engage. That indifference does not liberate us, but instead cuts us off from reality and puts us in a very vulnerable condition because we become apathetic and hopeless.

There’s no refugee crisis, but only human crisis... In dealing with refugees we’ve lose our very basic values.

To fight for freedom is to fight against the political, ideological, or social structures imprisoning the individual.

Art is life, life is art.

To openly discuss it means first you have a balanced view and you get every mind involved, so the solution will be more democratic rather than some authoritarian solution, which will just create more problems. All they care about are results, but life is about more than results. It’s about our involvement, our passive involvement in each individual’s mind, and that’s why we can say we love it or we hate it.

There are no outdoor sports as graceful as throwing stones at a dictatorship.

Everything is art. Everything is politics.

If you don't act, the danger becomes stronger.

Do one small thing every day to prove the existence of justice.

If you don’t understand politics you are a victim of politics.

Art is supposed to make people feel uncomfortable, to change the way they look at the world. I’ve been receiving criticism my whole life, but if you’re going to throw a punch, it should be a real punch, not this kind of mediocre criticism.

A small act is worth a million thoughts.