But losing my freedom in Somalia taught me a lot about how to get it back. Every day, I make the choice to move forward and to remember that true power is derived from kindness. In the end, Ali Omar Ader’s fate has nothing to do with mine.

What happened to me in Somalia doesn’t define me. I think that when we put those labels on things it diminishes me somehow, that’s not a powerful label to be given that I am a victim. I am a survivor, I have survived rape and I have survived torture and I have survived an extremely difficult 460 days in captivity but I’ve moved on from that.

In the extreme depths of suffering, you really find what you need to sustain you. I have experienced the resilience of the human spirit. If the feeling of peace comes when we realize that all human beings are made of love, that is when fear is gone and you can move more easily into a peaceful state.