In the past, all of our Nations of people, red, yellow, black and white were hunters of the land and waters. We all used the natural resources available to us, however today in our urban societies these resources are limited, and in order to survive we must maintain our cultures and become modern day hunters through education-degrees, diplomas, and technical trades are the tools that will allow us to grow into the future.

Our Mother the Earth is suffering. We have people with the vision and understanding who care. Their wish is to save wildlife and ecosystems. But we fail to realize that the first step in healing is within ourselves. We must face the worst in ourselves in order to be our best. We have to shed the tears of oppression and learn to love, honor, and respect ourselves.

Thank God I had cancer. It caused me to stay at home and experience the Spirit inside myself through the love of my family and the courage and beauty of Isaac. I believe – with greater compassion and love and sense of peace than ever – in the Spirit in me.