I made you take time to look at what I saw … and you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don’t.

It’s not enough to be nice in the world. You have to have nerve.

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing — and keeping the unknown always beyond you.

Nobody sees a flower, really. It is so small it takes time. We haven’t time and to see takes time, like having a friend takes time.

Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant. It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.

Nothing is less real than realism. Details are confusing. It is only by selection, by elimination, by emphasis, that we get at the real meaning of things.

Men liked to put me down as the best woman painter...I'm one of the best painters.