How do you place a value on inspiration? How do you quantify the wildness of birds, when for the most part they lead secret and anonymous lives.

Motivation is very important. We can show love, respect for others, and honesty in whatever we do to help humanity.

What is inspiration? Eternal vigilance, in my opinion. Being on the watch for your material, day or night, asleep or awake.

Whatever it was that I felt was the weak link in my previous project gave me inspiration for the next one.

All culture always goes back and feeds off the past, it can’t help it, but there are two ways of doing it. Either you can go back and get inspiration from the past and create something genuinely new, which is the whole history of all sorts of things — not just art and music. What bothers me at the moment is that you get a very different sense out of pop culture, which is that it is literally like a form of archaeology. It’s going back and rebuilding it almost as a sort of work of art in itself... It’s almost like a terminus railway station in a city where all the trains just keep on arriving and nothing ever leaves.

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.

Since I first started reading, I know that I think in quotations, and that I write what others have written, and that I can have no other ambition than to reshuffle and rearrange. I find great satisfaction in this task. And at the same time, I find that no satisfaction can be truly everlasting.